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JAN/FEB 2015

BLACK SERPENT shirts are now available from the following distro outlets:

ACHERONTAS PROMOTIONS (Greece): acherontaspromotions@gmail.com

FORGOTTEN WISDOM PRODUCTIONS (France): forgottenwisdomprod@wanadoo.fr / www.forgottenwisdomprod.com

BLOODMONK RITE PRODUCTIONS (Germany): ironhammer@hotmail.de 


NOTE: Orders/Payments are not accepted by SR for shirts at this stage, SR will open to ordering in the future. In the meantime those interested in BLACK SERPENT shirts may purchase these items at other distros. Labels/distros interested in possible trade may forward trade request by e-mail.

SR SITE: Site has been updated! There are however various pages still under construction and there will be various changes in layout/page design in due course. We apologise for any inconvenience. 


BLACK SERPENT audio has been re-mastered by record label PROSELYTISM RECORDS with excellent results!! The ULTIMATE BESTIAL DARK METAL sound mix! Audio was mastered by an engineer who is into natural sounds and can perceive BS on a sonic level. All instruments sound great on new mix and all levels are perfectly balanced, it is the best way to present the songs for the album. There is some boosting of eqs, more mid range gnarl and warm tone.. none of the eqs were lost or sucked out during mastering, there is more bass prescence and an increase in master volume, so its a much louder mix overall! Very rich &  full sound.

While production remains raw there is more clarity in general as well as prescence of all instruments, all is very nicely balanced. There is no better representation of BLACK SERPENT audio than this masterwork! The material is very strong and complete in every way! WE extend our
grand thanks to PROSELYTISM for re-awakening the bestial black death metal aspects of BLACK SERPENT to a new audio representation. Please be
aware there is no version of the BS mix in discussion anywhere on the net and remains unreleased at this stage.

BLACK SERPENT shirts have been released by SR in limited numbers. There are two separate designs featuring CHRIS MOYEN artwork. Quality print on Gildan brand shirt. Available in M, L, XL. Please refer to RELEASES page for further info & release photos.

BLACK SERPENT interview has been arranged with UNHOLY CULT ZINE (Chile)!!


COMMUNION shirts out now, released by SR. Artwork relates to Serpent skin shedding design which also appeared on front cover of COMMUNION DEMO II. Quality print on Gildan brand shirt, available in M, L, XL. Shirts may be purchased directly through PROSELYTISM RECORDS, contact them here: proselytismrecords@yahoo.com / Paypal Payments to: yeah_fixed@yahoo.com

MAY 2014

Painting for the new BLACK SERPENT front cover artwork is completed by artist SELFDESECRATOR & forwarded to the record label and band.

JAN - MARCH 2014

In January of 2014 record label, PROSELYTISM formalised their decision to employ new front cover artwork, a new painting for the BLACK SERPENT album. GRAPHIC & TATOO artist SELF DESECRATOR accepted to participate in new project and was assigned the creation of the dark piece. Visual concept for front cover was forwarded to artist in January 2014 by BLACK SERPENT.

BLACK SERPENT collaborated with artist during the preparation of images found within the Sabbatical texts and writings that were provided a mix of Infernal & Celestial elements. Artist was given a basic Luciferian model of Diabolism to work with, it contained various forms and shapes to move through in order to capture the visual setting in his own mind.

From the view of art direction, guidance and specifications were welcomed by Selfdesecrator and he was a real pleasure to work with. His artistic view remained applicable and was given much room to navigate the visual concepts involved and manifest elements of the spiritual/astral planes according to his own subjective interpretation. The artist was able to perceive the visual concepts involved, break presumptions, integrate the occult b/d metal graphc art theme and potray an alternate view of the Shadow realm and associated Nightside symbolism with great skill & accuracy. It was an honor for BLACK SERPENT to work with DANIEL (SELF DESECRATOR)!


Production parts (audio, graphics & txts) for BLACK SERPENT release were forwarded to the record label PROSELYTISM RECORDS. SR/BS has entered agreement and has signed for BLACK SERPENT album to be released through PROSELYTISM RECORDS. SR has granted PROSELYTISM exclusive license to release product according to agreed terms and conditions.  Format for release is as follows: 1000sx large sized cd digipaks / with poster and shirt.

YEAR 2012

PROSELYTISM COMPILATION CD - TO FUTURO has been released by PROSELYTISM. BLACK SERPENT track, SERPENT GATE is published on Proselytism Sampler.

PLEASE NOTE: NEWS forum is now composed, regulated and maintained by BLACK SERPENT.

JUNE 2011
SR distro ops are put to rest, SR has closed its doors to the public. Orders & requests for trades are not accepted until further notice.

MAY 2011


POISONED - Rising from Darkness pro M/C (IRON BLOODMONK RITE/MORBID JEHOVAH PRODUCTIONS) Strongly recommended by SR!!
DEAD CONGREGATION - Purifying Consecrated Ground m/c
DEAD CONGREGATION - Graves of the Archangels m/c

MARCH 2011

BLACK SERPENT - Nightside Cosmology m/c was released by BLOODMONK RITE PRODUCTIONS (Ger) during 2010, limited to 300 hand numbered copies, pro manufacturerd tape, 8 page booklet. Visit Releases page for a visual relevant to this item, few copies left, those interested can contact label directly: ironhammer@arcor.de 

R'LYEH ZINE ISSUE #9 is out...released late 2010, published in Polish, A4 Interviews: VENOM, ASPHYX, NOCTURNUS, CATHEDRAL OF THE BLACK GOAT, SUFFOCATION, PROCLAMATION, PANDEMONIUM, EVERSOR, BLACK SERPENT, MERCILESS DEATH, ZEMIAL, AZELGARD, NOCTURNUS, AFTER DEATH, more... honest dedicated, informative zine; well respected within ug circles, contact the Polish madman for your copy!

FORGOTTEN WISDOM PRODUCTIONS have released CD sampler - Volume I, item is available free on h/c format to devoted hordes & true supporters of the ug! Pro manufactured disk, cover case, strong contibutions from a great mix of bands...all in all very well produced FWP cd comp release!!! Support this piece of metallic possession, those interested in a copy of this limited release can contact ug label warlord directly: forgottenwisdomprod@wanadoo.fr  / www.forgottenwisdomprod.com

PROSELYTISM COMPILATION CD - In Futuro out soon & available free to Oz residents (postage cost only) directly from SR. BLACK SERPENT track, "Serpent Gate" (remix, full and rich sound) is featured on comp cd, Find bands: AFTER DEATH, ATOMOCIDE, COMMUNION, UNHOLY ARCHANGEL, TOTTEN KORPS, BLACK SERPENT, SLAUGHTBBATH, ALMIGHTY SATHANAS, UNAUSSPRECHILCHEN KULTEN, DEMONIC RAGE, many more..Support this dedicated work & dark devotion from great ug label compilation cd!!  


COMMUNION - shirts

NEW ARRIVALS (Some items may be out of stock, enquire within)

SR stock / PROSELYTISM releases:

*Large sized fold out digi packs + poster
COMMUNION - Communion
DIABOLICAL MESSIAH - Satan Tottendemon Victory
TOTTEN KORPS - For the Infernal Insurrection, Our Almighty Lords

*CD packed in jewel case
SEPULCHRAL THRONE - The Sepulchral Throne
COMMUNION - Communion

May 2010

Coming Soon: Bloodmonk Rite Productions / Iron Hammer Zine (Ger) will announce the release of Black Serpent, Nightside Cosmology (m/c version). Label has recieved m/c's from tape factory, now awaiting printed parts...further details tba. Contact: ironhammer@arcor.de

For those maniacal hordes & comrades from South America, Black Serpent releases are distributed by Proselytism (Chile). Black Serpent will sign to Proselytism for full length album release! (Large sized cd digipak format) www.proselytism.net

Official distribution for Black Serpent releases in France: www.forgottenwisdomprod.com

Communion (Chile) demo shirt to be released by Shadownight Records (Enquire within): www.shadownightrecords.net

New Communion mini album & t-shirt to be released by Oz label/distro Temple IX, refer to label for further details: www.temple-ov-ix.com

Black Serpent items are distributed by Terror from Hell in Italy (Black Serpent - NW 7inch ep sold out from TFH, please refer to other distros) enquire for label/distro contact details...

Official distribution for Black Serpent merchandise in Hellas: Acherontas Promotions - E:mail Contact: acherontaspromotions@gmail.com / Band: Chaosbaphomet, myspace.com/chaosbaphomet

Rlyeh zine #9 to be released soon (possible hard cover edition) limited to 333 copies, Polish version only & sacred within ug circles!

Regarding Human Desecration Zine, Issue#3...Spanish version has been released & is almost sold out. Awaiting h/c format in English from publisher.

For US residents, distribution of Black Serpent - "Nightside Cosmology" 12inch mlp currently sold out from Hells Headbangers Records, re-stock on mcd/mlp soon: www.hellsheadbangers.com

Nuclear War Now Productions will stock Black Serpent, Nightside Cosmology 12inch mlp in near future.

Lustration, "Goetic Invokator" m/c (Fistbang) sold out from SR, forward enquiries to label or band, thanx!

Ponzona Zine Issue #2 & Iron Hammer Zine Issue #3 currenlty out of stock, both items due for re-stock soon, please enquire within.

Necrodeath, The Shining Pentagram 10inch mlp, currently out of stock, item due for re-stock, enquire within.

Black Serpent, Nightside Cosmology mcd is available at JB - Hifi (VICTORIA).

Concerning the distribution of the Black Serpent NC mlp at Iron Bonehead Productions,  label will recieve new covers soon: www.ironbonehead.de

Black Serpent Nightside Cosmology, m/c is distributed in Thailand by Slava Productions!
NEW ARRIVALS (Some items may be out of stock, enquire within)


NECRODEATH - "The Shining pentagram" 10" MLP
CHAOSBAPHOMET / CRUSIFIXION WOUNDS - "Rex Demonicus" - "Profanation Of The Crucified" Split 7" EP
SEGES FINDERE - "Bound By Hatred" 7" EP
NOCTURNAL VOMIT / EMBRACE OF THORNS - "Abominable Ceremonial Torment" Split 7" EP
ALMIGHTY SATHANAS / SARGATANAS - "Black Liturgies Of Sathanas" / I Observe From Under" Split 7" EP

CDS & PROSELYTISM (large sized fold out digipaks):

EMBRACE OF THORNS - "Prevalence - A Decade Of Atomic Genocide" CD
EMBRACE OF THORNS - "Atonement Ritual" CD
VULGA - "Mayhem With Mercy" CD
KAWIR - "Arai" CD
KAWIR - "Dei Kabeiroi" CD
GORHOTH - "Metal Negro De Muerre" CD
STORMING STEELS / HELLWITCH - "The Twin Bestial Forces" split CD
DARK CELEBRATION - "Phlegeton - The Transcendence Of Demon Lords" CD
MORGGORM - "The Eye Of Gorsha Dimmag" CD


PONZONA ZINE - "Issue # 02"


HEPTAMERON - "Blessed Be The Name Of The Dragon" m/c
NOCTURNAL VOMIT - "Death Will Not Be Swift"  Tape - Demo 11m/c
REX MORTIFIER - "Ancient Path" m/c
BLASPHEMOUS - "Burned In Hell" m/c


SARGATANAS - "The Enlightment" gatefold 2x lp
SARGATANAS - "The Enlightment" m/c
SARGATANAS -  "Knight Of The Southern Cross" m/c
COMMUNION - demo shirt in red print (Oz version / SR release)
HELLS HEADBANGERS RECORDS - Restock on new releases (Enquire within for further info)
BLACK SERPENT - Nightside Cosmology" m/c (Bloodmonk Rites Productions)
PROSELYTISM - New releases check www.proselytism.net
NIHIL DOMINATION - "Jehovah's Desecration" m/c
NIHIL DOMINATION - "Bestial Allcoholnihilation Rehersal" m/c
FRONT BEAST - "Once Sent From Darkness" (7" Gatefold EP)
PERVERSOR – "Demon Metal" (MCD)
HAVOHEJ - "Kembatinan Premaster" (12" LP)
DECEASED - "Luck Of The Corpse" (12” PICTURE DISC w/ Outer Cover & Insert)
FRONT BEAST - "Black Spells Of The Damned" (12" LP w/ Foil Stamp Cover)
NOCTURNAL BLOOD - "Invocation Of Spirits" (7” PICTURE DISC w/ Outer Cover & Insert)
SWAMP - "Nuclear Death" CD

January 2010

Black Serpent Interviews for 2010 will be published in the following respected print zines from the real Underground:

~R'lyeh Zine (Poland) Issue #9
~Prayerbook Zine (Italy) Issue #4
~Human Desecration Zine (Spain) Issue#3

*Additional worthy ug print zines will be announced in due course.

Concerning R'lyeh Zine and Prayerbook Zine, Black Serpent inties will only be available in hard copy printed format and will not be posted online.

Also out now: Iron Hammer Zine Issue #3, Sargatanas, Death Invoker, Kathgor, Black Serpent, Children of Technology, Cultes Des Ghoules, Metal Genocide, Reviews, Live Reports, more...

The Black Serpent interview from Human Desecration Zine can be found below output in pdf file. The full english version of Issue# 3 will be posted on this site on release. Issue also features intie with Comrade and good friend DeathMessiah & COMMUNION!

BLACK SERPENT, Nightside Cosmology mlp & 7inch ep sold out at Missing Link (VICTORIA/AUS) more copies will be available through this outlet soon!


Available Now:

Sargatanas, "The Enlightment" GATEFOLD DLP (2 x 12inch vinyls)
Evil Nasty, "Necromaniac Blood" CD

Available Soon:

ChaosBaphomet, "Rex Demonicus" - 7" EP
Kawir, "Arai" - CD
Kawir, "To Cavirs" - CD
Necrodeath, "The Shining Pentagram" LP
Vultur, "Corona de Frastimus" CD

Satanic Records Merchandise - Available Soon:

Brisen, (ITA) "Madre Tenebra" - MCD
Black Vomit, (MEX) "The Faithful Servant" - CD
Black Empire, (MEX), Kratonars, (PHI), Nakkiga, (SPA), Xerion, (SPA) CD (4/way split CD)
Gomory, (MEX) "Pagan Land" - Tape
Catucumba, (BRA) "Live 2005" - Tape

Full Re - restock on all Proselytism releases due in January 2010, visit Merchandise & Distro page for full list on all Proselytism items.
Full Re - restock on Black Serpent merchandise at MISSING LINK & HEARTLAND RECORDS.

Still Hot:
FWP: 049 Black Serpent, (AUS) Nightside Cosmology MLP/MCD
Vinyl cut at 180g heavy vinyl, warm and rich sound see photo displayed on Releases page. Best selling 12inch MLP for FWP Dec 09 www.forgottenwisdomprod.com

Out Next:
Black Serpent, "Nightside Cosmology" Pro Tape Version to be released March/April 2010. Overseas label tba

BLACK SERPENT -  quotes on Nightside Cosmology MCD/MLP


"Indeed we have here a band that doesn't exist and record just for the sake of it, but a band that brings something individual to the extreme style, something fresh" IRON HAMMER ZINE (Germany)

"You develop and strengthen the early patents of Varathron" "But the Bserpent on myspace tip toes around your music" R'LYEH ZINE (Poland)

"Not so many bands today play this kind of hellenic black metal, and I love this sound, is blood of my veins" PRAYERBOOK ZINE / TERROR FROM HELL RECORDS (Italy)

"Put the fucker on...and it's rough and ready black death gold...and I keep putting it on and on...currently one of the single best new OZ bands drawing from the occult aura of both black and death metal" Nathan Birk,METAL MANIACS, ZERO TOLERANCE MAG, Hells Headbangers Records / Moribund promo warrior(USA/UK)

"Supreme 666 metal" HUMAN DESECRATION ZINE (Spain)


"I am very surprised from the music quality-direction of your work and very impressed from the V Lyrics and Concept of the band" CHAOSBAPHOMET

"Black Serpent Rules" Stefan VARATHRON

"I listen to your band and enjoyed your blasphemous creation, honor to listen to your creation" SARGATANAS

December 2009

Upcoming Black Serpent interviews in most respected R'lyeh Zine, Issue#9 (Poland) and other UG zines, to be announced as part of next update!

New range of SR merchandise due in stock soon, further details to be revealed on this site during next update.

Black Serpent MP3s: Please note, with the exception of very few sites, most BS MP3 files available on the net are compromised versions lacking audiio quality and not a true reflection of Black Serpent Arts on a sonic level. For quality audio playback and associated artwork, original hard copy formats from Black Serpent on cd & vinyl are strongly suggested!

The Black Serpent, Nightpath Watchtower 7inch ep is no longer available from Shadownight Records, please see other distros and labels carrying this item. For Aus residents, visit Asphyxiate Recordings: www.asphyxiaterecordings.com For overseas residents visit: www.hellsheadbangers.com or www.crushuntilmadness.com South American residents can contact  Proselytism, evilmetal@hotmail.com Residents from Europe can direct requests to FWP www.forgottenwisdomprod.com

Further updates coming soon...

October / November 2009

Proselytism releases are distributed by in Aus by SR. Megathanx to ug label warlord Moolyn/Deathmessiah for spreading the Black Serpent poison over there and for the special gift. Photos of Pros merchandise have been added to Merch & Distro page.

Crucifixion Wounds, Bastard son of God 7inch ep in stock...Co-release by UG hellenic labels- Unholy Distro/Fistbang. Trax on ep - Profantion of the Crucified, Blapshemous Punishment, Moonlight Impalent, Bastard son of God. For ug hunters and worshippers of obscure metal, recommended!!

Regarding Lustration, "Goetic Invokator" m/c now in stock... released by Fistbang distributed by SR, t-shirts due in stock soon. Tape is strongly recommended by BLACK SERPENT/SR!!

Concerning the Black Serpent MLP, Grand thanx to ug label tyrant Thomas & FWP for co - releasing the dark piece on 12inch vinyl. Pleasure to work with FWP on this release!

Black Serpent, Nightpath Watchtower 7inch ep sold out from SR, check with other distros or outlets for copies.

Black Serpent, Nightside Cosmology 12inch mlp No#1 selling MLP vinyl for FWP during Oct/Nov 09. www.forgottenwisdomprod.com

*Photos of various SR distro items have been added to merch and distro page. Proselytism releases are added.

Black Serpent merchandise now distributed in the US by Crush Until Madness www.crushuntilmadness.com & in Chile - South America by Proselytism www.proselytism.net

German residents can find the Bserpent MLP at Iron Bonehead Productions www.ironbonehead.de

Black Serpent, Nightside Cosmology to be released on pro tape m/c by ug label. Further details tba... 

Victorian residents can also find merchandise distributed by Shadownight Records at Missing Link and Heartland Records.

IRON HAMMER ZINE (Ger) - Issue # 3 in stock...Sargatanas, Death Invoker, Black Serpent, Children of Technology, Cultes Des Ghoules, Metal Genocide, Kathgor, review about UMM Festung Open Air / Hells Pleasure Open Air, cd/lp/ep reviews.. (See photo in Merch & Distro section) Thanx to Jeff for honest and razor sharp extreme Metal journalism, true supporter of the UG..Crush Eternal!!!

Links page was updated during Oct 09.

New SR stock Oct/Nov 09 -

UNAUSSEPRECHLICHEN KULTEN - "People of the Monolith" Digipak CD
TOTTEN KORPS - "The King of Hell reclaims his Throne" LP
GORHOTH - "1994 - 2000 AB" Digipak CD
EKRON CULT - "Queen of the Luxury" Digipak CD
HEPTAMERON - "Grand Masters of the Final Harvest" Tape
GRAVE DESECRATOR - "Sign of Doom" Tape
LUSTRATION - "Goetic Invokator" Tape
CRUCIFIXION WOUNDS - "Bastard Son of God" 7inch EP
ATTACKER BLOODY AXE - "Triumph of the Demon Axe" 7inch EP
SADOMATOR - "Infinite Goatsower" 7inch Gatefold EP
TRENCH HELL / ASSAULTER - Split 7inch Gatefold EP
DESTRUKTOR - "Nuclear Storm" Picture Disc LP
BESTIAL HOLOCAUST / NUCLEAR DESECRATION - "Marching Towards the Nuclear Holocaust" Split 7inch EP
EVIL ARMY - "Under Attack" 7inch EP
ATOMIC ROAR - "The Warfare Merchants" LP
SLAUGHTER - "Surrender or Die" Picture Disc LP
HAVOHEJ - "Kembatinan Premaster" LP
THRONEUM - "Deathmass of the Gravedancer" LP w/bonus track & Poster
DISHAMMER - "Vintage Addiction" LP Gatefold w/Poster

July/August/Sep 09

Black Serpent, "Nightside Cosmology" 12inch MLP is out now released by FWP/SR. Enquries or PAYPAL payments can be directed to shadownightrecords@hotmail.com / Payments via post mail in well hidden cash are accepted, register letter...MLP version of Black Serpent, Nightside Cosmology Co- released with Forgotten Wisdom Productions  www.forgottenwisdomprod.com
Vinyl was cut at 180g++ to get that sound every inch of possible vinyl was used to maintain quality of audio, both black and clear transparent vinyl are available, thx to Zenith Recs for doing a great job mastering the audio for vinyl format, very rich & warm sound on vinyl format...

Black Serpent, Nightside Cosmology mcd is now distributed in Chile (S/A) by PROSELYTISM.  www.proselytism.net

Concerning the Black Serpent, "Nightpath Watchtower" 7inch EP...clear transparent vinyl is sold out from SR. Black vinyl available, last copies from SR...The 7inch ep (black vinyl) will be available from the following outlets during the month of September 09:

www.hellsheadbangers.com / Currently out of stock re-stock Sep... USA/AUS residents: For requests or orders contact Chase: throneoffire@hellsheadbangers.com

www.asphyxiaterecordings.com / Stock due to arrive at AR during the week. The Black Serpent, Nightside Cosmology MCD/MLP can be purchased through Asphyxiate Recordings..visit online store or contact David: info@asphyxiaterecordings.com 

For residents from Victoria - Australia, Black Serpent, "Nightpath Watchtower" 7inch EP and "Nightside Cosmology" MCD/MLP are also available through various independent retail outlets - MISSING LINK RECORDS, HEARTLAND RECORDS.

PROSELYTISM Releases are now available through Shadownight Records courtesy of the Impaler of trends Deathmessiah.Contact: evilmetal@hotmail.com

Currently available through SR:

*Atomicide / Educator Split - DigiPack CD
*Ekron Cult - "Queen of the Luxury" - DigiPack CD
*Slaughtbbath / Demonic Rage - split CD (Dog Fight Records)

Note: The formats stated above feature unique design and digipack cd layout. Regarding packaging dimensions are close to the size of a 7inch ep... foldable 8 page hardcover with d/s sided printing. Pro design and packaging attached to quality UG releases. Pure South American madness & bestial carnage!!!

*More material from Proselytism (Chile) instock soon...stay tuned! Not for superficial consumers or mongoloid metal trends.. for worshippers of obscure ug metal only.

Upcoming Black Serpent interviews in Iron Hammer Zine (Germany) & Ancient Ceremonies Zine (Portugal) www.ancientceremonies.com

Full SR distro/merchandise list will be revealed during next site update...various titles from Iron Bonehead Prod due to arrive within this month! www.ironbonehead.de

June 2009

Masters for the MLP version of Black Serpent, "Nightside Cosmology" have been sent to the pressing plant.

Release Dates: July 09. Clear transparent and black vinyl will be pressed. Comes with d/s insert, spined gloss covers, new artwork on insert and improved overall layout. Graphic artwork and layout will be revealed on the RELEASES page during the month of July. Vinyl format limited to 300 copies. www.forgottenwisdomprod.com

Tracks from Black Serpent MCD were played on Musically Incorrect 3RRR FM and BB 3PBS FM (AUS) during May/June 09.

The Merchandise & Distro page has been updated. Mail - order price settings were revised and have also been updated.

Note the Embrace of Thorns/Nocturnal Vomit split 7inch EP sold out. Refer to KYP if interested in obtaining that item. Merchandise cover artwork has been updated for June, download pdf file on Merch & Distro Page.

Black Serpent, Nightside Cosmology will be reviewed in R'lyeh Zine (Poland) Issue#8... "It's a pure fuc.ing killer" Adrian - R'lyeh Zine.

NOTE: Black Serpent, "Nightpath Watchtower" 7inch EP, the clear transparent vinyl is sold out from SR. Black vinyl available.

For residents from Victoria - Australia, Black Serpent, "Nightpath Watchtower" 7inch EP and "Nightside Cosmology" MCD are currently available from MISSING LINK RECORDS.

May 2009

Black Serpent Nightside Cosmology MCD back in stock at Hells Headbangers Records & Distribution (USA). The debut mini-album on cd format can be purchased from: www.hellsheadbangers.com For requests contact UG label tyrant Chase: throneoffire@hellsheadbangers.com

Recent review from OLD TEMPLE MAGAZINE (POLAND) is posted on RELEASES page. Black Serpent MCD rating 6/6. Review can also be viewed online at : www.magazine.oldtemple.com (Note: Review displayed on Releases page has been translated to English from Polish automatically via google. The translation is not fully accurate some texts are still in Polish. The error relates to translation and not review)

MLP version of Black Serpent Nightside Cosmology currently in production. Out Soon!!! Co - release FWP: www.forgottenwisdomprod.com

*The only official Black Serpent page exists on this site, this is fact & not a matter of opinion or debate. This is the current net home of Black Serpent Arts providing basic info on the true Black Serpent (Aus)...With the exception of very few sites there are no other official Black Serpent pages on the net, aside from what you will find here! Don't be fooled by false imitations. Bestial Dark Metal!

Creator of the Black Serpent Cult!

Latest arrivals & now available:

*Nocturnal Vomit / Embrace of Thorns, "Abominable Ceremonial Torment" split EP vinyl (KYP)
*Martyrvore, "Possessed by Mayhemic Slaughter" CD (KILL YOURSELF PROD)
*Atomic Aggressor, "Rise of the Ancient Ones" CD (HHR)
*Nunslaughter, "Hex" CD (HHR)
*1349, "1349" mcd (HOLOCAUST RECORDS)

*Merchandise & Distro section will be updated during the course of the month.

Paypal & cash payments are accepted for Distro and Black Serpent items. Direct your request to: shadownightrecords@hotmail.com

NOTE: Requests for Black Serpent merchandise, vinyl, cd, t-shirts are not accepted from residents of France. If you reside in France, visit the official distributor in France for Black Serpent items: www.forgottenwisdomprod.com

Current Distributors of (official) Black Serpent merchandise:

www.hellsheadbangers.com (USA)
www.shadownightrecords.net (Aus)
www.forgottenwisdomprod.com (France)
Conspire Destroy / Aztec (Aus/NZ)
Unholy Distro (Greece)
www.ironbonehead.de (Germany)
Holycaust Records (USA)

April 09

Black Serpent Nightside Cosmology MCD & Nightpath Watchtower 7inch EP now distributed in Greece via UNHOLY DISTRO: iapetos_@hotmail.com

Black Serpent MCD recieved airplay on metal radio show in Greece, "TWILIGHT ZONE" - 98.7fm. "Black Serpent MCD KILLS!!!" Stefan/Varathron.

Black Serpent track Nightside Awake uploaded in MP3 file format. For download visit MP3 section on Black Serpent page.

The MLP vinyl version is currently in production, co release with FWP, www.forgottenwisdomprod.com

Interview from Zero Tolerance Mag, (Nathan T Birk) is available online, visit Black Serpent page. Downloadable pdf file.

Some links added on links page.

New Items in stock:

*Bestial Mockery / Karnarium Hail Occult Masters split 7inch - EP vinyl
*Havohej, Hornbook Seytan - 10inch vinyl

March 2009:

 New items in stock - (Includes some vinyl times from Iron Bonehead Productions)

*Unholy Archangel - "The Wrath of Kosmosistis" MCD
*Obeisance - "Satanik Shoktroops auf Doom" EP Vinyl
*Shackles - "Traitor's Gate" LP Gatefold Vinyl
*Embrace of Thorns - "...For I see Death in Their Eyes...LP Vinyl
*Pagan Fire - "Hate Vanishing Point" EP Vinyl
*Death Metal Blitzkrieg - Vol 3 EP Vinyl
*Trench Hell - "Southern Cross Ripper" CD
*Gospel of The Horns - "Realm of the Damned" CD
*Grenade - The Howling Damned" CD
*Fingernails - "Heavy Metal Forres" LP Vinyl
*Lord Foul - Demo Tape
*Behelal - "Metamorphosis" Tape
*Helcaraxe - "No God To Save You" CD

Work commences in co - operation with cult UG Label Tyrant FWP, (France) www.forgottenwisdomprod.com
on the MLP vinyl version of Black Serpent, Nightside Cosmology.

Black Serpent interview / review from Ancient Ceremonies Zine www.ancientceremonies.com posted as downloadable pdf file in Releases section and under Interviews on Black Serpent page.

February 2009:

Review of Black Serpent mcd is forwarded to BLACK SERPENT from Iron Hammer Zine (Germany), interview in Issue #3 is offered to the band.

Black Serpent, Nightside Cosmology mcd is now distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Conspire Destroy / Aztec. www.myspace.com/bleedrecords

Shadownight Records has signed a deal with Forgotten Wisdom Productions to release Black Serpent, "Nightside Cosmology" on vinyl format limited to 300 copies. www.forgottenwisdomprod.com

Black Serpent releases distributed by Hells Headbangers Records (USA) www.hellsheadbangers.com

New items in stock -

*Blaspherian / Evil Incarnate - "Behold: The Endless Glory of Baphomet" /  "Killer of....Of Unholy Blood - Split 7inch EP Vinyl
*Blaspherian / Adumus - "To Hate the Path of Unrighteouness" / Maelstrom - split 7inch EP
*Iron Hammer Zine, Issue #2

January 2009:

SR label & distro operations commence on a primary level.

*New items in stock - FWP releases on CD and vinyl format , check merchandise list.

Black Serpent, Nightpath Watchtower 7inch ep is distributed in Germany through Iron Bonehead Productions. www.ironbonehead.de

December 2008:

Official distribution established in France via FWP www.forgottenwisdomprod.com for Black Serpent releases. Forgotten Wisdom Productions offers to
co - release Nightside Cosmology on vinyl format.

Nathan T Birk (Metal Maniacs/ZT) contacted label and offered BLACK SERPENT interview in Zero Tolerance Mag (UK) www.ztmag.com.

BLACK SERPENT, Nightside Cosmology mini - album review will be published in Metal Maniacs, under the section Apokalyptic Raidz- Nathan Birk! Relevant text from review of BS NC mcd was conveyed by e-mail. 

Ancient Ceremonies Zine contacts band and offers feature in Issue#16, interview, etc. www.ancientceremonies.com

November 2008:

Label concept has been re-structured under new label name Shadownight Records. The label is established to support Black Serpent and build a decent line of UG products for distribution. SR supports true UG Metal in unique, bestial and traditional forms. Pure Underground Extreme Metal Worship! We support hard copy formats, cd's, tapes and UG labels that attach a level of professionalism to quality UG releases on vinyl format. Intention at this stage is to stock a range of obscure merchandise for those who hail the traditional, raw and unpolished style of metal. A specialized limited vinyl service to deliver the material authentic Metallions need.

In a Black/Death/Thrash Metal histrorical context, Shadownight Records operated under a different name as an official Australian distributor for Iron Pegasus Records during the year of 2001.


*Black Serpent, Nightpath Watchtower 7inch EP
*Black Serpent, Nightside Cosmology MCD 
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Roughly 30 BLACK SERPENT promo CD's were distributed by label assistant during the abscence of label owner. Old fashioned styled post mail - out.